I am pleased to announce my second iOS app: Leap Habits.

Leap Habits is an app for the iPhone that helps you create healthy habits and routines, and working towards a goal. Simply create a habit (e.g. ‘read every day’), work on it every day (or week, or month) and start building your streak.

Everyone has something they are trying to get better at or change about themselves. Lasting change cannot happen overnight, but is built by doing something persistently. This is where compound gains really kick in: a couple of push-ups every day, learning just a bit of Spanish every day, writing a couple of sentences every day - the consistency is what creates real progress.

If there’s something you are working towards that could benefit from consistent action every day, give Leap Habits a try and start building your streak!

Download from the App Store (it’s free)

So what’s next? So far, I’ve added reminders, timers and a whole bunch of small improvements. Like with Timist, this post is meant to serve as a hub to all things Leap Habits. In the future, there should be a whole lot more here.

A short history

The backstory for how Leap Habits came to be is quite simple: I was looking for a habit tracker that was simple, yet powerful and customizable, and felt right at home on the iPhone. Disappointed with what I found I set out to develop a habit tracker myself. The initial commit was on April 4th and roughly two months later I released an early version in June 2020.

A week later, much to my surprise, Leap Habits was featured in the US App Store and users came flooding in. Since then, I have been busy keeping up with feature requests and ever improving the app. It’s been quite a wild ride.